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Written by Ben Hart
on October 25, 2019

In our ever-changing world of technology and available software, it is more important than ever that your professional services team participates in the journey of the selling process to ensure the level of customer satisfaction every step along the way.

Part of offering the best service, and staying on top of your game, is ensuring that your professional consultants are proactively feeding into the early stages of your sales cycle. Keeping customer satisfaction levels high, while also managing their expectations is key to your value proposition. It is also paramount that your professional services team are involved in any forward planning, as they are more aware of their capacity, and can anticipate any resource requirements in advance.

Early collaboration between sales and professional services will ensure accurate quotes, project scope, and set realistic expectations for your customers. Your bottom line will see improved margins and exceeded customer expectations.

3 ways to encourage collaboration in your teams:

  • Set up regular meetings
    Communication is the key to success. To do this, it is a great idea to set up regular meetings to discuss campaigns and projects and ensure that sales and marketing goals align with the strategy and capacity of your professional services team.
  • Encourage conversations
    Take the time to share your sales and marketing collateral and data with your professional services team. This will create a conversation and start to fill in any gaps for your teams, which can only strengthen your conversations with clients. This will, therefore, provide your clients with the clear and correct information that they need throughout the sales journey.
  • Create shared KPIs
    Having shared goals and accountability in your team ensures that teams will work together in achieving success for your customers and your business alike. Shared KPIs mean that teams are incentivised to collaborate.

Another important factor to consider in order to ensure a great sales experience as well as team collaboration, is choosing the right tools and software. Having one system in place, a platform to provide a seamless experience, to help you make insightful decisions and drive customer engagement. 

At the end of the day, we want to succeed by helping our customers succeed, right? Your professional services team can help your sales team get inside the customer mindset. They know the questions that will be asked, and the reservations or difficulties that can arise in software and systems implementation. Sharing that knowledge with your sales team will enable them to create an unsurpassed customer experience and journey, that you can be proud to deliver.

Another important factor in the customer experience is having the right tools to allow your teams to collaborate. Spend time to research the right software and systems that will provide your teams with one true source of data and information. The best systems will bend and move with you as you grow and provide you with the platform you need to do what you do best.

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