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Written by Beatriz Santos
on September 04, 2018

Agilyx Group, a leading global change-ready technology services organisation, has announced an alliance with Accela, an industry leader in helping governments and councils increase engagement, improve efficiency and deliver transparency to their communities. Together, the companies will execute the delivery of the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s (GWRC) organisation-wide ERP transformation project, Optimus. The Optimus Project will see Agilyx Group deploying the core Finance, HR and Payroll solutions, while Accela will be supplying enterprise Asset Management.

This union has been possible thanks to John Catarinich, Chief Executive Officer of Agilyx; Tim Bird, Managing Director of Agilyx New Zealand; and Paul McGrath, General Manager of Asia Pacific at Accela. Having recently negotiated with the GWRC, Agilyx decided to utilise Accela’s Civic Platform to deliver both the products and services that this public organisation requires for governing and managing the city of Wellington.

“Our new partnership with Accela provides Agilyx the opportunity to go that extra mile and offer councils, municipal organisations and governments a unique solution that covers all their needs,” says John Catarinich, Agilyx Group Chief Executive Officer. “We are extremely proud to be able to forge new relationships that will allow Agilyx to better serve the requirements of governments, their public institutions and, most importantly, the citizens they serve.”

This alliance sets the basis for future collaborations in New Zealand and the other regions in which Agilyx and Accela operate.

“Collaborating with Agilyx represents a great opportunity for our company,” says Paul McGrath, General Manager of Asia Pacific at Accela. “This union will help Accela reach and gain new clients that we otherwise would not be able to reach with only our Civic Platform. We are excited to be working with a company that offers bespoke solutions tailored to the necessities of our clients and look forward to achieving great things together.”

The Agilyx New Zealand team, which will be working together with Accela to provide the GWRC with the best solution for the council, is proud of achieving such a significant goal within their community.

“The partnership with Accela has allowed us to tailor a solution to meet the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s specific needs. It has enabled us to combine the breadth of functionality of Unit4’s Business World ERP system with the depth of functionality in asset maintenance provided by Accela’s Civic Platform system. The team at Agilyx New Zealand are very excited to be involved in this project and gain the opportunity to support GWRC to better serve the local community in which many of us live,” says Tim Bird, Managing Director of Agilyx New Zealand.

Yielding the first results of the partnership in New Zealand, Agilyx and Accela are currently working on the design phase of the Optimus Project, which involves the replacement and upgrade of the GWRC’s Core Systems. The project was signed off last month and will begin in early September.


About Agilyx:

Agilyx is a change-ready technology services company dedicated to delivering high quality ERP implementations and services to Commercial, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit organisations. A Unit4 partner for almost two decades, Agilyx has delivered transformational ERP solutions to some of the largest Unit4 customers globally. As one of the largest ERP software suppliers globally, Unit4 provides industry-leading enterprise applications that empower people in service organisations. 

Agilyx delivers an unrivalled business transformation experience through their service offerings:  Implementation Services, Project Management, Training, ERP Health Checks, Solution Optimisation, Application Support and Cloud Services. 

As a cloud-first company, Agilyx maintains a commitment to data security by achieving an ISO27001 accreditation with a zero-non-conformance score—the highest rating achievable.

Agilyx provides services globally to its customers and has offices in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and the United Kingdom.

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About Accela:

For more than 15 years, Accela has been the industry leader in designing and delivering productivity and engagement software to help government agencies be their best. Today, citizens are savvy to how services should be delivered, and expect a consistently convenient, openly transparent view into their local government. While government agencies struggle to do more with less, Accela’s mission has never been more critical.

Accela provides a robust, cloud-based platform of solutions that increase engagement, improve efficiency and deliver transparency to strengthen communities, called the Accela Civic Platform. Their solutions serve more than 2,000 communities worldwide, including over half of America’s largest cities.

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