Agilyx Insights

30 Mar 2023

Avoiding IT Change Fatigue: The Productivity Killer

Change is an inevitable part of any organisation and can have far-reac...

29 Mar 2023
government | 6 min read

The Story of MUNIvers

Agilyx Group is revolutionising the world of municipal governments wit...

21 Mar 2023
digital transformation | 4 min read

Achieve Seamless Data Integration with a Powerful Middleware Solution: Introducing the Agilyx Integration Machine (AIM)

Middleware software has become an indispensable part of modern-day bus...

09 Mar 2023

How Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PS Cloud can help your professional services organisation

Using Salesforce CRM in combination with FinancialForce PS Cloud will ...

07 Feb 2023
| 6 min read

3 questions boards ask nonprofits about their grants (and how to answer them)

It’s the end of your financial year and your board is getting together...