Agilyx Insights

19 Jun 2024

MUNIvers on the Road: Spreading the Word

Last week was a busy week for conferences, with the Agilyx and MUNIver...

13 Apr 2024

The Untapped Potential of Community-Driven Software Solutions in Municipal Government

Technology isn't just a staple of corporations and startups—it's a vit...

03 Apr 2024

The Role of GenAI in Building Trust in Local Government

The intersection of technology and government services has become an i...

28 Feb 2024

We Are Never Getting Back Together: Leaving On-Premise for the Cloud in the Public Sector

The cloud revolution has now embraced its most monumental challenge ye...

05 May 2023

Why users love Certinia

Are you in love with your ERP system? It might sound strange, but we u...