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Written by Mariya Zarembo
on February 27, 2019

In the rapidly evolving HR and technological landscape, HR leaders must be aware of the kind of changes and challenges that may be prevalent in the industry to do their best work in the field. HR strategies of the past will no longer cut it, as technology is progressing at an unprecedented pace and organisations require the correct tools to allow their people to fully focus on the work at hand. HR will always remain a human-centred topic, but how can we use certain tech-related solutions to cut out unnecessary HR admin, increase efficiency and spend more time developing our people and organisations as a whole?

1. Data-driven HR decisions

The right HR software allows you to draw meaningful insights from the data organisations possess, yet do not fully use. While software and technology companies have always been able to extract these insights, corporates are just starting to catch up. There’s recruitment data, career progression data, training data and productivity data, just for starters, that can be analysed with the right technology to improve decisions, make employees happier and optimise processes, adding value to the company.

HR data is more valuable than ever before – a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 82% of organisations planned to either begin or increase their use of big data in HR before the end of 2018. This has given rise to “intelligent HR” as a buzz term. Again, it’s not just about having the data, however – it’s how you analyse it and what you do with it to create an improved employee experience in which they have the right tools to do their best work.

2. More pressure to become “agile”

The idea of “agility” is an idea that became particularly popular in the HR world last year. In order to run effortless processes and effectively manage your people, flexibility it crucial. Organisations are increasingly being asked to shape internal operations in a way that mirrors external business trends.

There is a push for HR leaders to ensure the work of HR professionals can get done with the fewest barriers and positively influence the productivity of enterprises; this is where technology comes in. Software exists that empowers organisations to eliminate administrative overload, automate manual tasks and gain operational insights through end-to-end transparency in a flexible manner.

3. Change of government and regulation

Speaking of agility and flexibility, both are incredibly relevant when it comes to compliance following changes in government and/or regulation. No matter what industry or sector you are a part of, these changes are sure to occur, and it is important to have the right system to deal with them.

In the past, businesses could manage benefits and payroll through a series of non-automated, disjointed programs; it was simpler to stay in compliance with regulations related to employment back then, but times have changed. The good news is that there are HR software option on that market that allow small and middle market businesses stay compliant; integration, convenience and mobility are key when deciding what software is right for your organisation.

As previously stated, HR has been and will remain a human-centred topic and we should always remember to look at things through the lens of the human experience. What do we want people to experience and how can we empower them to do their work more easily? The right technology is the key to facilitate this experience.

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