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Written by Andrea Williams
on May 10, 2019

Making sure your employees are engaged and happy is one of the most important parts of running any business. Managing administration for HR and Payroll managers is a challenge for many businesses and therefore companies want to use the most advanced technology to help them automate tasks and reduce the risk of human error.

In the past there has been resistance to investing in an HR system, mainly because of the initial costs and the time needed to implement the system. Companies are now seeing the increased benefits of systems such as Unit4’s Business World, which include significant time savings for HR and Payroll managers; the return on investment has been quickly realised.

Business World Payroll & HR has been completely re-imaged as a time saving process. It’s designed to give you a clear overview of the performance indicators and metrics of your payroll & HR solution, via graphic dashboards which gives you full control over your HR and Payroll processes.


Everything in one place

All your payroll information – current, past and future is at your fingertips and easily available via a streamlined user interface. Every aspect can be initiated and administered from within a single dashboard.


Fully automated process

A greater degree of automation in payroll saves you time and makes the system so simple anyone can use it. The system can be setup to be self-driving.


Reduce the administrative burden of your HR processes

HR Directors can eliminate time-wasting admin and free up time to focus on helping your employees with valuable career progression and growth.


Lead the direction and put your people in the driver’s seat

An HR solution that cuts out slow administrative processes and gives your employees user-friendly, self-service tools so they can manage their tasks themselves. For example, maintaining their personal data, requesting absence, and entering expense claims; once entered these transactions can be automatically work-flowed for approval, saving time and eliminating paper trails


Nurture the leaders in your organisation

Get tools that help you facilitate valuable hiring and training, whilst getting access to the right data that tells you how your people are performing.

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