Agilyx Insights


Stephanie Robertson

07 Feb 2023
| 6 min read

3 questions boards ask nonprofits about their grants (and how to answer them)

It’s the end of your financial year and your board is getting together...

03 Feb 2023
Unit4 | 1 min read

Agilyx Group wins Unit4 community partner of the year award

We are proud to announce that Agilyx Group has won the 2022 Community4...

02 Dec 2022
| 5 min read

Local knowledge, global capability: Where to find us around the world

Here at Agilyx Group, we're a truly global company. We have 9 offices ...

28 Nov 2022
| 2 min read

Services-as-a-Business: What is it, and what does it mean for you?

You’re used to SaaS, and you’ve heard of PaaS. You know XaaS is a thin...

17 Nov 2022
Partnerships | 6 min read

Agilyx Group and Next Consult join forces to catapult consulting capabilities in EMEA 

Agilyx Group has today announced an exciting new strategic and operati...