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Elizabeth Giles

Office Manager at Agilyx Solutions
30 Mar 2023

Avoiding IT Change Fatigue: The Productivity Killer

Change is an inevitable part of any organisation and can have far-reac...

29 Mar 2023
government | 6 min read

The Story of MUNIvers

Agilyx Group is revolutionising the world of municipal governments wit...

03 Feb 2023
| 1 min read

Agilyx Group wins Unit4 community partner of the year award

We are proud to announce that Agilyx Group has won the 2022 Community4...

16 Jan 2018
Health and Wellness | 1 min read

Avoiding a Blue January

  Every year in January, we're faced with failing New Year's resolutio...

09 Dec 2017
Solutions for CIOs | 2 min read

What every CIO must know about ERP in the cloud

  Thinking about making the switch? Migrating from a legacy on-premise...