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22 Nov 2018
Solutions for CFOs | 2 min read

4 Considerations for CFOs: Are you ready to comply with IFRS16?

IFRS 16 comes into effect on 1 January 2019. Where past accounting sta...

23 Oct 2018
Solutions for CFOs | 2 min read

How Important is ERP Knowledge for a CFO?

It’s no secret that CFOs hold incredibly important roles within organi...

02 Aug 2018

6 Signs your Finance System Prevents you from Reducing University Admin Costs

Over the past few years, shrinking budgets have been an unfortunate re...

25 Jul 2018

5 Steps Higher Education Institutions Can Take to Reduce Administrative Costs

Higher and tertiary education institutions in countless locations arou...

28 Jun 2018
Solutions for CFOs | 2 min read

How can technology help you comply with IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition faster and easier?

As an organisation matures, data is generated at an unprecedented pace...