Digital Transformation is now a prime driver across organisations in all sectors.  Most CEOs view it as a priority and increasingly CIOs are represented at board level.  Rather than being simply infrastructure expenditure, IT investments are increasingly at the heart of delivering business goals. So how can you turn that investment into results? The key appears to be focusing on the human experience - the impact on customers, employees and other stakeholders.  Technology is still only ever an enabler - something successful IT projects take to heart in making it work for them.

CEOs who aren’t prioritising digital are either changing their tune, or being phased out: just 33% of executives in our 2007 survey said their CEO was a champion for digital; that number has doubled to more than 68% today.

CIOs, in addition, have gotten a prime seat at the table. In 2007, just 40% of executives said the CIO was significantly involved in strategic planning in 2007, while today they own some of the most important strategic initiatives for organisations across industries.

So how can companies translate these efforts into results going forward? The answer we found is simple, if a bit ironic: focus on the human experience.

What we’ve learned, both through our surveys and in our own experience with clients, is that the human experience is vital to raising an organisation's Digital IQ. 


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