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Written by Elizabeth Giles
on April 30, 2024

At Agilyx, we're committed to keeping you at the forefront of developments that affect your operations. Today, we're excited to share some significant updates from Unit4 regarding the extension of Unit4 ERP's Continuous Release (CR) timeline.

With the advent of ERPx, there have been some questions regarding the longevity of ERP CR. Unit4 wants to assure its customers that ERP CR is not just a temporary solution, but a pivotal part of the company's long-term strategy.

A Commitment to Support Until at Least 2032

Unit4 has officially pledged to support and develop ERP CR until at least 2032. This commitment is not just about maintaining the product, but about continually enhancing and developing it to meet the future demands of businesses. This timeframe provides a solid foundation for planning and investment the system that assures that, for the next 8 years, your trust in Unit4 ERP CR is as strong as your trust in your previous platform.

ERP CR and ERPx: A Journey, Not a Race

The path towards ERPx is seen as the end destination in a journey of technological evolution and business growth. However, recognizing that each business's pace and readiness for change differ, Unit4 is dedicated to ensuring that ERP CR remains a robust, supported, and continuously evolving option. This dual-path approach allows you to operate confidently with ERP CR, knowing that a forward path is clear, supported, and available when you're ready to transition to ERPx.

Continuous Innovation and Support

With the operational infrastructure and processes expertly managed by Unit4, users of ERP CR will continue to enjoy direct deliveries of enhancements and fixes from the engineering teams. This also means that our Agilyx experts will be up-to-date on all of these features, fixes, and updates and will be ready to pass on this knowledge to our customers as they're released.

Partnership for the Long Haul

Our role as your partner is to support you through every step of your ERP journey. This latest update from Unit4 should serve as a reassurance of our collective commitment to your business's success and continuity. The decision to extend the support for ERP CR until at least 2032 is a clear indicator of Unit4’s commitment to their product and, more importantly, to you, their customers.

Looking Ahead

Change is a constant in the technology landscape, and navigating that change is easier with a partner you can trust. With Unit4’s ERP CR, you have a solution designed for longevity and adaptability. And when the time comes to migrate to ERPx, you'll do so with the full support and expertise of both Unit4 and the Agilyx team.

As a proud Unit4 partner, we're looking forward to leveraging the strength and stability of ERP CR to power your business's future!


For any questions or further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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